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Tech Forum: Towards an AI Enabled Future

Artificial intelligence is already having an almost revolutionary and transformational impact on society, but where is it taking us? At Tech Forum 2021, we will be looking at the adoption of AI in organisations, AI as a driver for smart transport, investing in the tech of tomorrow, but also diving into the ethical dilemma. Through keynotes, panels, and interactive talk shows, with stellar line-ups of speakers, the forum is a great way to connect with the UK-Nordic tech ecosystem.

We will be discussing

Adopting AI across an organisation

With development and changes in business accelerating like never before, AI has become a natural part of the modern organisation. But how can AI be a driving force in sectors traditionally driven by the human mind? Why is it needed in all sorts of businesses, and not only within tech?

Investing in the tech of tomorrow

Transforming an idea into a successful venture is a long journey, and often depends on partnering with an initial, and sometimes long-term, investor. But what are investors view of AI and what are they looking for? How do they identify the tech that will shape the future, the opportunity, and the scale?

The ethical dilemma

The big struggle and the number one argument for AI opponents – how can we ensure a sustainable and effective use of AI whilst keeping personal integrity? Can businesses adopt AI throughout, and simultaneously guarantee privacy as well as the personal, intangible touch on business?

...and much more.

Men anmäl dig hos oss för ett kostnadsfritt deltagande.

Tech Forum is a platform for Swedish-British tech and investors to meet, learn and discuss. Celebrating the best of the latest in technology from across the North Sea, whether it's artificial intelligence, blockchain or virtual reality (and beyond) - the forum features leading experts at global success stories, exciting entrepreneurs and challengers alongside passionate purse-string partners.

Jesper Granath

  • Marknadskoordinator
  • Kommunikation, webb och IT


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