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Onlineseminarium: The Road to Hong Kong & China

SwedCham's Entrepreneur group is hosting a webinar for companies interested in learning more about Hong Kong and the Chinese market. Are you considering setting up business in Hong Kong or China? Have you already established your company but wish to learn more about marketing, selling or production?


  • Company establishment and relocation
  • Selling to Hong Kong and China
  • Marketing, design and production
  • Q&A with breakout rooms

A great thank you to the companies behind this webinar: Aventura Group, Bamboo Communications, Current Consulting, Frost Ltd, House Hunters, Norman Global Logistics, Pear & Carrot, Primasia and Viral Access.

More about the webinar: Welcome to an online seminar on the dynamic markets of Hong Kong and China! Many large Swedish corporations have been in China for many years, and more and more small and medium-sized companies are also taking the leap into this exciting market. From being the factory of the world and the go-to hub for sourcing, China is becoming more and more interesting to sell to, both goods and services, directly to consumers or to companies. And strategically located, Hong Kong today, as well as in the future, acts as the ideal stepping stone into the market.

In this seminar, organized together with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, we meet entrepreneurs who are on site in Hong Kong, and who have many years of experience of doing business in both Hong Kong and mainland China. We take a closer look at everything from business incorporation and relocation to sales, marketing and product development. You will benefit from the panel's experience, get practical tips, and also get the chance to ask questions.

In short, this seminar is ideal for anyone interested in the Chinese market.

Mikael Wass

  • Marknadskoordinator
  • Medlemskap och internationell handel


Information och anmälan


13 november, 9.00-10.00


Online från Hong Kong



Sista anmälan: 11 november