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Have you employed a person from abroad and trying to find out what the next step is? We are here to assist you in that process. Moving to a new country can be a challenging but rewarding experience. There are many things to consider, both before and after the move to the new ”home away from home”. We have many years of experience from assisting companies and their employees, and looking forward to hear from you!


We meet the newly hired individual and possibly their family for a tour of the new hometown. During the visit, we go through what it’s like to live in Sweden and prepare the family for perhaps the biggest transition in their lives so far.


When recruiting from a third country, you need to apply for a work and residence permit from the Swedish Migration Agency. With our extensive experience, we take responsibility for managing the entire immigration process and ensure that everything is done properly and correctly.

Home search

We are doing the home search based on the needs and always trying to find the best solution due to the current market. We have the knowledge about the Swedish housing market, coordinate inspections, negotiate and sign contracts with the landlord. We will also keep a tight dialogue with the employee during this period to support the choice of living.

Settling in

During the first time in the new home country, it is much to consider and organize.  We assist with registration and the important Swedish personal id number, apply for Swedish social insurance, open a bank account, arrange different subscriptions like internet, home insurance etc. All in order to facilitate as much as possible for the incoming person.

Ongoing support

When moving to a new country, it´s naturally that a lot of questions are coming up after the first settling in period. You can contact the Relocation team by phone, e-mail or visit us during office hours. The needs differs from person to person, but the most common is a period of 3-6 months.


When it is time for leaving Sweden, you might be leaving for another country or going back home again? We will set up a meeting and plan for actions that needs to be taken and support during that process. This is also a good time to here about the experience from the stay in Sweden. The purpose is that  the departure process will be as smooth as the settling in.