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Örebroföretaget Zilenzio etablerar sig i USA

Zilenzio is coming to the U.S market and teaming up in an exclusive partnership with Allsteel.

2020 was a challenging year for everyone in the world and also for us at Zilenzio, but we decided early on to continue our growth journey despite the Corona's impact on the world around us. New exciting products have been launched and now we are proud to announce our establishment of a subsidiary in the US and at the same time setting up an exclusive partnership together with Allsteel. This means from now on, together with Allsteel, we will have the opportunity to help people in the U.S to get a beautiful sound environment.


About Allsteel

Allsteel is a part of the HNI Group. HNI Corporation is one of the largest office furniture manufacturers in the world and it’s a family of leading brands providing products and services for the office and home. At Allsteel, we are helping our customers align their workplace strategy with their business strategy.  With an accessible team of partners and an adaptable portfolio of systems, seating, casegoods, tables, collaborative furniture and architectural walls, we address our customers’ needs for today and tomorrow.