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Nordic AM get-together – online March 30th, 2021

Nordic AM get-together – online March 30th, 2021

You are warmly invited to hear & share the latest updates on Nordic AM and 3D printing advances.
We will meet virtually 30.3.2021

at 1PM-3PM (Scandinavian time) / 2PM-4PM Finnish time at Zoom conference and Mural platform.

Tentative agenda:

  • Country AM updates.
    • Denmark: Danish AM Hub
    • Finland: FAME3D
    • Sweden: Amexci
    • Norway
  • Presentations of cases, results, projects, plans.
  • Co-creation: Making the list of ongoing and upcoming Nordic AM activities
  • Co-creation: AM dreams and opportunities for 2021 and 2022

"How Covid-19 has impacted AM activities in the Nordic countries? What is the future business for us? Let's find out together!"

Pekka Ketola, 3DStep Oy

Nordic AM – stronger together!