Handelskammaren Mälardalen


Är din engelska tillräckligt bra?

All languages are tools of communication. Using a foreign language is like using a tool with which you are slightly unfamiliar. Knowledge and accuracy are critical, as is practice. The confidence gained will help you enormously. Thus, acquiring these assets will enable you to use the tool of communication more effectively in English, the global business language. This tool will smooth your business with your international partners, to the benefit of your company or organisation. Improving the communication skills available to those of you working beyond your own national borders is thus an investment in the future of your business.

Mike Ward deploys over forty years of experience in this vital field, to coach and mentor individuals and train groups. We live in an age of global business. Building and maintaining good international relations has never been more important.

Welcome to the premier “Är din engelska tillräckligt bra?” course to be held on the following dates: January 30th, 2019 (1 pm – 4.30 pm), February 6th (1 pm – 4.30 pm) and February 13th (1 pm – 4.30 pm).